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Escape the Strip and Discover Real Estate in Summerlin

The real estate in Summerlin is the only one place that a growing family can truly call home in the Las Vegas area. Being a master planned community, the dreams and wishes of residents are realized in exquisite form. Convenient location, a beautifully planned community, and lifestyle of the highest standards make Summerlin a landmark not just in Las Vegas, but in the country for those desiring a better place to truly live. It is the place to be.

Summerlin’s location in the central part of the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area puts the area at your finger tips via the extensive freeway system. Both the Bruce Woodbury Bellway and Summerlin Parkway run through the Summerlin area providing numerous access points for drivers. Be it driving to work or visiting one of the areas many attractions, living in Summerlin means being just a stone’s throw from the excitement of the Las Vegas strip or wondrous beauty of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The highly articulated road construction and attention to detail moves with the landscape in harmony as to accentuate the already natural beauty of the area, while providing quick and easy access to local shops, services, schools and parks. The natural flow of the local roads makes driving a pleasure as it should be on your way to local restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

The flamboyance of the Las Vegas strip is a far cry to the exciting but relaxed atmosphere of Summerlin. The lush landscape and extensive park network provide numerous trails for residents to explore on foot or bicycle as well as plenty of fresh green for families to enjoy games or activities. Like the road network, the trail network links the many neighborhoods, running throughout the community for miles, making it a paradise for those who love spending time outdoors. As you travel along it, expertly built and crafted homes remind you that you live to a higher standard. As a result you and your family will feel the confidence of knowing you chose the best place to live and grow.

The local schools are part of the Las Vegas Clark County School district. From elementary to high school, they are among the highest rated in the Las Vegas area. Summerlin is the place to raise children and have a family. With local shops within easy reach, planning your week or finding something to do with the entire family is an easy, short drive away.

Moving to Summerlin is less about deciding why to live here, but more about where to live. Being an expertly planned community, different types of homes are available for those of varying needs. Various neighborhoods around Summerlin are designed to specific styles of architecture and décor. Among pre-built homes, most neighborhoods are ready for one of the many available custom home builders to design and construct a home that suit anyone’s needs and desires. Numerous apartment and condo communities are located here as well, within the same, if not better reach of local shopping, entertainment, and parks like the many neighborhoods. An apartment or condo here in Summerlin offers the same wonderful lifestyle, it is not a compromise in the slightest. Regardless of home type, the individual communities are very tight nit, where everyone is a neighbor, not just an acquaintance. Many neighborhoods have homeowners associations to further bring people together in finding the best ways to serve the community.

Simply put, The real estate of Summerlin is the best in the Las Vegas area. Whether you are single, married, have children or not, there is a fabulous home for any prospective resident. Summerlin offers the highest options, greatest quality of life, while striving to exceed the expectations of those who live here. We invite those seeking the superior lifestyle, the Summerlin lifestyle.

View available MLS property listinfs in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada today!

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Many Check Out the 2-Bedroom Real Estate in Summerlin, NV

Real Estate for sale in Las Vegas, NV

One housing development adjacent to Las Vegas is well known for being one of the best planned communities in the area, and for its wide variety of interesting and well built homes.

Homes in this area range in price, size, architectural details and styles, and in location. With a small family, or retirees, 2-bedroom real estate in Summerlin, NV. May be just what they are looking for. Right now, there are many listings available for these smaller homes, normally around 1,000 square feet in size. So click here for information regarding these lovely homes in Summerlin, NV.

Since Summerlin is composed of many villages and neighborhoods, all with their own special characteristics, locations, and qualities, there are many options to choose from. Most of these homes are within gated communities that provide security, as well as privacy, and many are listed at under $100 thousand. Along with the obvious advantages of living in one of these gated neighborhoods, most also provide other amenities such as pools, recreational facilities, tennis courts and golf courses.

This is not only an impressive and congenial place to call home, with an abundance of benefits; it is a community that is dedicated to coexisting with nature. Residents will find that there are ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoor life, in parks, nature trails, and recreation areas. Those that want to be near the action of the Las Vegas Strip, but also enjoy the peace and contentment of smaller intimate neighborhoods, will love Summerlin, and anyone planning on making this their new home, will find that the selection has never been better.

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Lavish Real Estate Available in Summerlin, Nevada

Homes for sale in Summerlin, NVOne area in the Las Vegas area that is well known for its luxury homes, its exquisite scenery, and its well planned landscape, is Summerlin, NV. It is no wonder that many home buyers are checking out the properties available  in Summerlin, NV.

This is a luxurious development that is composed of many separate and equally charming villages and neighborhoods, and many of these contain gated communities that are especially appealing to those that want security and privacy. Properties in these exclusive, unique, and inviting areas, of Nevada range in price from a few hundred thousand to several million. Even the gated communities offer a guarded and secure lifestyle and private clubhouses, pools, recreational facilities, restaurants, and golf courses, as well as services like housekeeping and laundry.

The entire concept of Summerlin was based on its balance and compatibility with its natural surroundings, and homeowners  in this unique and beautiful development have the advantage of numerous vistas from desert to mountain, canyon, to streams. They also have the added bonus of many trails and recreational areas ideal for hiking, and cycling. This is one development that takes advantage of the best of both worlds, the appreciation of nature at its best and the convenience of being in close proximity to the bright lights and excitement of the Las Vegas Strip. Those that want a lifestyle that includes privacy, convenience, and security in a warm and scenic setting, should take a look at the various communities in Summerlin, NV.

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Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada

Homes in Summerlin

If your family are hoping to create a perfect new home then look no further – homes for sale in Summerlin – offering locally a wealth of desirable amenities and culturally highlights that combine to provide your family with a happy home.

Within the 22,500 acre community, Summerlin boasts over twenty parks, all maintained to the high standard by the local Summerlin council. For sport loving kids, you’ll never be far from one of Summerlin’s recreational sports grounds which cater for football, basketball, tennis, sand volleyball and many more sports.

The Summerlin community is also ideal for cycling enthusiasts, as cycling lanes run alongside almost all major roads in the community. With the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area just a stone’s throw away, expect to meet many fellow cyclists stopping by for a refreshing break in one of the areas excellent local cafes and restaurants. On top of all this, over 150 miles long, the Summerlin trail system offers the potential for many a family adventure delivering you directly into the heart of nature at its best – and when the time comes to hit some golf balls around, you’ll be more than satisfied by the choice of eight golf courses available in the area.

When it comes to providing your children with the best education and a great start in life, Summerlin is the ideal place to start looking for their new school – the community offers a wider range of choice than any other in Las Vegas with over half a dozen schools. For all your shopping needs, head to Summerlin Center where the central commercial and business hub is located.

Whether looking out at the gorgeous red sandstone mountain or down to the Las Vegas Strip, it’s clear to see how Summerlin could be the ideal location for your happy new family home.

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Different types of homes for sale in Summerlin, Las Vegas

Summerlin Homes for Sale

Summerlin Homes for Sale

If you have been looking to buy a property in a master planned community in Nevada, then the best available option is to look for homes for sale in Summerlin. One part of Summerlin is located within the city limits of Las Vegas and another part comes under the Clark County. This master planned community is located near the scenic spring mountains. Summerlin has got the distinction of being voted within the top ten best selling communities among the different communities in the country. Summerlin has also won awards related to the master planned communities. Summerlin has abundant open recreational spaces such as the 150-mile Summerlin trail system and 9 professional golf courses.

By buying a property in Summerlin, you get to use the vast and expansive bicycle lanes that are used by cyclists going up to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. There are nearly 150 parks located in the community and most the community parks come with outdoor game facilities such as Soccer fields, Baseball fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts and Barbecue areas. Some of the popular parks include the Ridge Brook Park, Summerlin center Community Park, Trails linear park and the Village green park. There are also swimming pools such as the willows pool and the Trails pool that are available for swimming enthusiasts.

With such an abundance of outdoor recreation, you could look for homes for sale in Summerlin that come in different types such as single family homes, Condo, Apartment, Town homes, Co-ops and ranch style homes. You could choose a type that fits your life style. You could also look for Lake front homes in the form of condos that are available in locations such as West Cheyenne Avenue.

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Spanish Trail Real Estate for Sale in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Spanish Trail Properties

Anyone who wants to be living in the home of their dreams should visit the property for sale in Spanish Trail, Las Vegas, NV.

Homes in this delightful master planned community are designed with the residents in mind. There is such a wide selection from which to choose that you can be sure to find the home that will meet any budget or family needs. The community pools and nearby parks and playgrounds are such a perfect place to take kids, making this community ideal for families; the community really cares about its residents’ families and desires to make the lifestyle perfect for the young and the adults alike. Homes in the community feature many fantastic amenities, such as private pools, entertaining areas, spas and more.

The neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip are just a stone’s throw away, meaning that the attractions to which people travel from countries far and wide will be right in your own back yard! If you instead prefer to spend time in the serenity of the natural world, you will not be disappointed! The mountains and the Sonoran Desert provide a gorgeous and inviting venue for outdoors lovers. At nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, you can hike and mountain bike on some of the region’s most beautiful trails.

Spanish Trails is such and irresistible place to come to live, so come see why you should call this community home today!

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